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Why does this group exist?
As a stock provider I often feel taken for granted.  Like a vending machine here to pop out stock when you press a button.  The worst part is that I don't even get as much as a vending machine for giving you stock! However, you know what?  It is OK with me! :)  I LOVE TO PROVIDE STOCK.  So do many of us stock providers.  

So what is the problem here?  Very little thanks is given to stock providers.  Sometimes people don't follow their rules.  Other times people DO follow their rules but DON'T bother to say a little "Thank you for the stock"!

I want that corrected. This group is here to show off and appreciate stock and stock providers.
<3 ElaineSeleneStock and silent-scenes

Have YOU thanked a stock provider yet today?

What we allow:
- photos!
- textures
- pre-made bg's
- premium stock
- pre-cuts
- program resources (brushes, actions, filters, etc.)
- computer generated resources

What we do not allow:
- things not uploaded to dA's resources gallery
- things submitted to the wrong folder
- many images that are almost exactly alike. Please pick a few of the best, and be aware that if you submit many very similar images, we may only accept some of them.
- photos of other people's children
- overly sexual imagery, overly political imagery, gore, etc.
- photos with a smaller width than ~1000px wide.
- photos where the subject is too far away to see in good detail, or is obstructed by something.
- photos that are blurry, out of focus, unduly noisy, pixelated, and/or show a large loss of detail.
- photos that are far too over- or under-exposed.
- photos with lots of distracting elements in them, such as an animal with a fence in front of part of it.
- photos where the main aspects of the composition are out of focus (such as models with blurred faces).
- photos that have been edited in photoshop to the point that they are not very usable (far too much saturation, etc.)
- non-photo stock and resources of bad quality - i.e. messily cut objects, brushes that don't work or have stray pixels, etc.
- group staff may reject submissions due to poor quality on a case-by-case basis, even if none of the above specifically applies.

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